International Journal of Endocrinology / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Clinical Study

Gender-Specific Variation in the Prognosis of Papillary Thyroid Cancer TNM Stages II to IV

Table 2

Multiple regression analysis for factors associated with postoperative progression.

SEStandardized coefficient value value95% confidence interval

Followup period0.005−0.049−0.7110.478−0.0140.006
Postoperative one month 131I uptake0.0040.1191.7720.078−0.0010.014
Gender: female/male0.0680.2513.6720.0000.1150.383
Postoperative one month Tg0.0010.2062.9070.0040.0000.002
TNM stage0.0350.1752.5760.0110.0210.157

Dependent variable: postoperative progression (no/yes).