Figure 1: Creation of the mouse N-TAP-mAR. (a) Amplification of the TEV-HAT-glycine alanine repeat sequence with primers F and R using the C-TAP from Fernández et al., 2009 [9] as template. (b) Aminoacid sequence of the complete NH2-terminus of the androgen receptor. The N-TAP increases the size of the mAR by 70 amino acids and the molecular weight by 7.8 kDa (http://web.expasy.org/compute_pi/). (c) Schematic showing the tagged androgen receptor (N-TAP-mAR) cDNA clone. The N-terminal TAP tag was selected on the basis of small size. It contains three FLAG epitopes (3xFLAG) and 6xHistidine residues (HAT) located in an alpha helix.