Table 2: Bone mineral density (BMD), TSH and markers of osteoblastic and osteoclastic activities before (T0) and two years (T2) after followup in 50 postmenopausal patients did not receive any therapy (control group).

T0 T1

BMD (T-score)
TSH (μIU/mL)
Serum calcium concentration (mg/dL)
Urinary calcium excretion (mg/24h)
Alkaline phosphatase (UI/L)
Urinary hydroxyproline excretion (mg/m2/24 h)

versus T0.
Normal values: TSH: 0.494.67 μU/L; serum calcium concentration: 8.210.5 mg/dL; urinary calcium excretion: 50250 mg/24 h; alkaline phosphatase: 98279 UI/L; urinary hydroxyproline excretion (2265 yrs): 622 mg/m2/24 h.