Table 1: Characteristics and treatment results of radiofrequency ablation for benign thyroid nodules.

No. of Pts/nodules NoduleVolume change Session (mean) Electrode type
TypeSolid component (%)V init. (mL)VR1 (%)VR6 (%)VR last (%)

Jeong et al., 2008 [17]236/302Cold0–1006.135885841–6 (1.4)I.C.
Baek et al., 2010 [15]15/15Cold>507.549801I.C.
Baek et al., 2009 [22]9/9AFTN60–10015.03671751–4 (2.2)I.C.
Deandrea et al., 2008 [16]31/33Cold + AFTN>3027.733511M.E.
Spiezia et al., 2009 [20]94/94Cold + AFTN>3024.554791–3 (1.4)M.E.

AFTN: autonomously functioning thyroid nodule; V init.: initial volume before RF ablation; VR1, VR6, and VR last: volume reduction at one and six months and on the last followup, respectively; I.C.: internally cooled; M.E.: multitined expandable.