Figure 7: -arrestins diminish the activation of a leptin promoter by MCH. BHK 570 cells triple transfected with either (1) MCHR1/p(-762)ob luc/GFP in pcDNA3, (2) MCHR1/p(-762)ob luc/GFP- -arrestin 1, or (3) MCHR1/p(-762)ob luc/GFP- -arrestin 2 were treated with 1  M MCH for up to 6 h. A luciferase assay was then performed to quantifiably measure the activation of the leptin promoter. for control and for each -arrestin experiment. Graph shows averages of normalized data ± SEM. Experiment reached the 85% ( -arr2) and 90% ( -arr1) confidence intervals but did not reach statistical significance.