Table 1: Frequency of main symptoms and complaints in patients with CD and EAS.

Complaints/symptoms % of the total number of patients with CD% of the total number of patients with EAS

Overweight 90.070.0
Underweight 10.030.0
Myopathic syndrome30.042.9
Purple striae67.050.0
Skin impurity 10.916.7
Excessive facial hair growth 41.316.7
Arterial hypertension82.672.2
Amenorrhea in women 53.710.0
Reduced sexual potency in men 40.030.0
Back pain57.038.9
Diabetes mellitus40.038.0
Systemic osteoporosis93.085.0
Nephrolithiasis/urolithiasis/chronic pyelonephritis 65.046.0