Figure 1: Localization of wild and mutated Wisp3 protein in C20/A4 cells by confocal microscope. Recombined plasmids WT-Wisp3/pEGFP-C2, /pEGFP-C2, and /pEGFP-C2 were transfected transiently into human chondrocyte cell line C20/A4, and pEGFP-C2 vector was used as a control. The cells were observed using a confocal laser scanning microscope after 48 hours of transfection at magnification 1000x. (a) EGFP; (b) WT-Wisp3; (c) ; (d) ; Green fluorescence indicate the Wisp3 EGFP fusion protein. Blue fluorescence shows cell nuclei dye by DAPI. Note the distribution of WT-Wisp3 in cytoplasm and cell membrane uniformly. In contrast, the majority of and were aggregated to speckles or agglomerates in cytoplasm.