Research Article

Estrogen Induces Metastatic Potential of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Cells through Estrogen Receptor α and β

Figure 3

E2 enhances invasion of BCPAP cells. Cells (2.0 × 104 cells per well) in the phenol-red-free RPMI medium (100 μL) with 1% charcoal-dextran stripped FBS containing vehicle (DMSO) alone, 10−8 M E2, 10−6 M PPT, or 10−6 M DPN were loaded onto the upper chamber, and 500 μL of phenol-red-free RPMI medium with 10% charcoal-dextran stripped FBS was loaded onto the bottom chamber as a chemoattractant. After 24 h, the invaded cells were counted microscopically in five random fields of view at 200x magnification and expressed as the mean number of cells per field of view. Values are the mean ± SD of three separate experiments (normalized to the untreated control). * compared with control.