Table 2: Sex hormone levels in the study population disaggregated by quartiles of serum uric acid levels.

Group Q1Group Q2Group Q3Group Q4 value

n (%)51 (24.9)50 (24.4)53 (25.8)51 (24.9)‚ÄČ
TT (nmol/L)15.0714.8413.9811.64<0.001
FT (nmol/L)0.290.310.290.290.227
BT (nmol/L)6.547.196.636.810.213
LH (mIU/L)
FSH (mIU/L)8.025.965.864.710.001
E2 (pmol/L)93.4693.4884.2993.300.917
SHBG (nmol/L)31.9228.6123.5219.50<0.001
DHEA (μmol/L)4.475.035.496.28<0.001

Data presented as median. TT: total testosterone; BT: bioactive testosterone; FT: free testosterone; LH: luteinizing hormone; FSH: follicle-stimulating hormone; E2: estradiol; SHBG: sex hormone-binding globulin; DHEA: dehydroepiandrosterone.