Table 1: Association of light-at-night (LAN) and melatonin levels with the different types of cancer; melatonin actions on sexual hormones synthesis, proliferation, apoptosis, cell cycle, invasion, and synergistic effects with other molecules in different cancers; yes1: only described in one report; yes2: at least one contradictory study.

LAN and cancer riskMelatonin levels and cancer riskSynthesis of sexual hormonesAntiproliferationApoptosisCell cycleAntiangiogenesisInvasionSynergistic actions

BreastAssociationInverse associationInhibitionYesYesDelay G0-G1YesYesYes
ProstateAssociationInverse associationInhibitionYesYesDelay G0-G1YesNot describedYes1
OvaryNo associationNot describedNot testedYes2YesAccumulation in G1Not describedYesYes