Table 2: Melatonin upregulated and/or activated molecular targets in breast, prostate, and ovary cancer.

Synthesis of sexual hormonesAntiproliferationApoptosisCell cycleAntiangiogenesisInvasion-metastasis

Breast cancerESTp53, p21p53, p21, caspase3, caspase7, caspase9, PARP, Bax, Bad, TGFb-1p53, p21Tie-2E-cadherin, beta1-integrin, ROCK, cadherin13, GSK3β,
Prostate cancerp53, p21, Kip1, IGFBP3, Per2, Clock, pAKTp53, p21, Kip1, JNK, p38, PKC, caspase3, caspase8, caspase9, TGFb-1, PARP, Baxp53,miRNA3195, miRNA374b, HIF-1
Ovary cancerp53,p53, caspase3, Bax, PARPp53,FABP, ATP5F1B, HSP10