Figure 1: VAPA is identified as a candidate protein by MS. (a) Representative Western blots showed the cytoplasmic and membrane AR translocation in input samples and co-IP samples in TM4 cells. Data analysis from collected experiments () showed a decrease of AR expression in cytoplasmic fraction and an increase in membrane. (b) Silver staining of the co-IP sample of the membrane proteins. The bands indicated by the dotted rectangle were subjected to mass spectrograph. (c) The film images showed the representative blots for AR and VAPA in membrane and cytoplasmic fractions, before (input) or after immunoprecipitation (co-IP) by the anti-AR antibody in TM4 cells treated with 10 nM testosterone for 30 min. For the input samples, data analysis from repeated experiment () showed that VAPA expression was unchanged after exposure to testosterone. For the co-IP samples, the data indicated the association of VAPA and AR, which was showed as VAPA expression divided by AR expression. This experiment was repeated for three times. C: basal. T: 10 nM testosterone for 30 min. ; .