International Journal of Endocrinology / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Hypophyseal Involvement in Immunoglobulin G4-Related Disease: A Retrospective Study from a Single Tertiary Center

Table 1

Clinical characteristics of ten patients with IgG4-related hypophysitis.

IDAge/sexOnset age of IgG4-RH (years)Onset age of IgG4-RD (years)First symptomsSerum IgG4 (mg/dl)Other systems involvedMRIBiopsyHistopathologyPituitary functionPrompt response to GC
Thickened stalkPituitary massAHCDI

261/M60.460.4Fatigue, anorexia4680Lymph nodes; paranasal sinus++Paranasal sinus massIgG4+/IgG+ > 40%, IgG4+ > 50/HPF+++
358/M50.148.6Swollen eyelids5410Submandibular gland; lacrimal gland; parotid gland; retroperitoneum+N/DN/D+++
451/M48.348.3DI1980Submandibular gland; parotid gland; retroperitoneum+Submandibular massIgG4+ 20/HPF++
546/M43.343.3DI327Lymph nodes+Lymph nodeIgG4+/IgG+ > 40%, IgG4+ > 100/HPF+++
644/M44.226.4Swollen eyelids1910Pancreas; lacrimal glands; thyroid gland+PancreasAIP++
736/M36.420.6Submandibular mass2470Submandibular gland; lacrimal gland; parotid gland; pericardium+Lacrimal massIgG4+/IgG+ > 40%, IgG4+ > 50/HPF+
857/F51.549.4Cough2250Lacrimal gland; lung; kidney+Lacrimal massIgG4+ > 20/HPF++
916/F15.815.7Submandibular mass43.7Submandibular gland; parotid gland+Submandibular massIgG4+/IgG+ < 40%, IgG4+ 8/HPF++n/a
1050/M49.042.0Proptosis426Submandibular gland; parotid gland; lung; kidney; large artery; lymph nodes; thyroid gland; paranasal sinus; extraocular muscles+Pituitary massInflammatory pseudotumor, lymphocyte infiltration, IgG(+), IgG4(−)+n/a

IgG4-RH/-RD: IgG4-related hypophysitis/disease; DI: diabetes insipidus; N/D: not determined; n/a: not available; IgG+/IgG4+: IgG-/IgG4-positive plasma cell; AH: anterior hypopituitarism; CDI: central DI; GC: glucocorticoid.