International Journal of Endocrinology / 2018 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Hypophyseal Involvement in Immunoglobulin G4-Related Disease: A Retrospective Study from a Single Tertiary Center

Table 4

Follow-up of IgG4-RH patients 1–8.

IDInitial therapeutic regimensLength of initial treatment
ResponsePituitary function recovery
GC regimensImmunosuppressive regimensClinical featuresMRI featuresRelapseAnterior lobePosterior lobe

1Dex 1.5 mg (tid)n/a2.02.0n/a+++n/a
2Pred 40 mg (qd)n/a5.41.3n/a++
3MP 40 mg (qd)CTX 50 mg (qod)48.66.533.6++
4MP 40 mg (qd)CTX 400 mg (qw)
5Pred 60 mg (qd)n/a7.51.22.8++
6Pred 40 mg (qd)n/a4.01.4n/a++n/a
7Pred 40 mg (qd)n/a12.60.9n/a++n/a
8Pred 50 mg (qd)CTX 50 mg (qd)5.01.4n/a+++n/a±

GC: glucocorticoids; T1: duration of the initial therapy before having a symptomatic/radiological response; T2: duration of the initial therapy before serum IgG4 was normalized; Dex: dexamethasone; Pred: prednisone; MP: methylprednisolone; CTX: cyclophosphamide; n/a: not applicable; +: remission; ±: partial; −: negative.