Table 8: Foraging modes, number of foragers, foraging rates, and pollen transfer efficiency of different flower visitors of bath sponge(Luffa cylindrica).

ParameterForaging modeVisitor species
Apis floreaHalictus speciesMelissodes speciesXylocopa fenestrata

No. of foragers /m2
N1.84±0.350.25±0.02-- (b)
P0.38±0.150.15±0.010.13±0.01- (c)
NP0.46±0.140.28±0.020.28±0.030.73±0.05 (c)
N+P+NP2.68±0.650.48±0.050.41±0.040.73±0.05 (c)

Foraging rate (per minute)(a)Nnrnr--
P3.6±0.393.2±0.373.2±0.37- (c)

(conditional probability)0.0540.0540.0540.054

PTE (per minute)

: derived from ♂:♀ ratio = 4138  : 253. Other abbreviations are as in Table 5.