Table 1: Meanings of symbols.

𝛽 Adsorption constant
𝑐 O x , 𝑐 I n t , 𝑐 R e d Concentrations of the reactant, intermediate and the product
𝑐 O x Concentrations of the reactant in the bulk of solution
DCommon diffusion coefficient
dESquare-wave potential increment
EElectrode potential
𝐸 0 1 , 𝐸 0 2 Standard potentials of the first and the second electron transfers
𝐸 s w Square-wave amplitude
𝐸 𝑝 Peak potential
𝐸 𝑝 , 1 , 𝐸 𝑝 , 2 Peak potentials of the prepeak and postpeak
𝐸 𝑝 , 𝑓 , 𝐸 𝑝 , 𝑏 Peak potentials of the forward and backward components
𝐸 s t Starting potential
FFaraday constant
fSquare-wave frequency
φDimensionless potential difference
ΦDimensionless current
Φ 𝑓 , Φ 𝑏 Dimensionless currents of the forward and backward components
Δ Φ 𝑝 Dimensionless net peak current
Φ 𝑝 , 𝑓 , Φ 𝑝 , 𝑏 Dimensionless peak currents of the forward and back wardcomponents
Γ I n t Surface concentration of adsorbed intermediate
Γ m a x Maximum surface concentration of adsorbed intermediate
RGas constant
SElectrode surface area
𝜃 Surface coverage
xDistance perpendicular to the electrode surface