Table 1: Mean stock density (time 1, 2002) and average annual carbon flux for standing live/dead trees and down woody materials (fine and coarse) where a negative estimate indicates a net sequestration north central across the United States, 2002 to 2007 (obs = 182).

StockMean Carbon Stock Time 1 (Mg/ha)Std. Err. (Mg/ha)Mean Carbon Flux (Mg/ha/yr)Std. Err. (Mg/ha/yr)

Standing Live36.481.85 0.11
Standing Dead3.180.39 0.06
Coarse Woody Debris3.820.42 0.07
Fine Woody Debris2.910.21 0.06
Small Fine Woody Debris0.
Medium Fine Woody Debris0.830.08 0.01
Large Fine Woody Debris1.940.16 0.06