Table 1: Rotated component matrix with factor loadings for Logging Industry Outlook Attitude Scale.a Bold indicates factor loadings over 0.40, contributing most to latent theme of the subscale.

Verbatim survey itemsb,cFactor 1Factor 2Factor 3Factor 4
Challenging business environmentIncreasing sprawl and developmentChanging nature of businessMore regulation, low-impact logging

Loggers will have to travel further for good logging chances0.6300.3120.302−0092
Stumpage prices will increase0.826−0.0150.064−0.010
We will face greater competition from outside the United States0.5080.045−0.0030.387
There will be much less logging in my area because of urban sprawl0.0610.7020.199−0.120
More woodlots will be harvested for residential or commercial development−0.0770.748−0.0120.100
Logging parcels will be smaller0.2980.622−0.1380.164
There will be fewer but larger logging contractors0.063−0.0500.8420.051
There will be more subcontracting, with no employees0.2170.2710.417−0.162
Logging will be more mechanized0.0940.0070.6940.384
More “low-impact” logging equipment will be used−0.0170.0520.0690.837
Logging practices will be more regulated0.4280.0300.2650.434

aVariance explained = 56.01%; Cronbach’s alpha = 0.782, .
bSurvey question: Please think about what logging will look like in 5 years.
cScale: 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neither agree nor disagree, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree.