Table 2: Factor analysis neutrality results with percent of individuals expressing disagreement, neutrality, and agreement to each factor.

  Neutral score aRange of neutrality a% Individuals expressing disagreement% Individuals within the Range of Neutrality% Individuals expressing agreement

Factor 1: Challenging business environment−1.843−2.371 to −1.3151.0%8.3%90.7%
Factor 2: Increasing sprawl and development−0.021−0.361 to 0.31837.2%27.1%35.7%
Factor 3: Changing nature of business−0.823−1.550 to −0.0976.7%38.3%55.0%
Factor 4: More regulation/low-impact logging−1.167−1.205 to −1.12811.6%1.0%87.4%

aSee methodology for calculation procedures.