Table 1: Taxa assessed using the Weed Risk Assessment (WRA) modified for the USA [22], with WRA results from other assessments for comparison.

No.aSpeciesSubgenusUSA scoreOther published score(s)Risk level

1 Eucalyptus dorrigoensis Symphyomyrtus −3Low
2 Eucalyptus dunnii Symphyomyrtus −20bLow
3 Eucalyptus salubris Symphyomyrtus −1−3b, −2cLow
4 Eucalyptus amplifolia Symphyomyrtus 02dLow
5 Eucalyptus benthamii Symphyomyrtus 0Low
6 Eucalyptus stoatei Symphyomyrtus 0−2bLow
7 Eucalyptus cloeziana Idiogenes 1−1bLowe
8 Eucalyptus nitens Symphyomyrtus 1Lowe
9Eucalyptus smithii Symphyomyrtus 1Lowe
10 Eucalyptus caesia Symphyomyrtus 10bEvaluate
11 Eucalyptus gardneri Symphyomyrtus 20bLowe
12Eucalyptus gunnii Symphyomyrtus 2Lowe
13Eucalyptus erythrocorys Eudesmia 26bEvaluate
14 Eucalyptus platypus Symphyomyrtus 20bEvaluate
15 Eucalyptus pellita Symphyomyrtus 33bEvaluate
16 Eucalyptus kruseana Symphyomyrtus 40bLowe
17 Eucalyptus macrocarpa Symphyomyrtus 43bLowe
18 Eucalyptus urograndis (=E. grandis X E. urophylla) Symphyomyrtus 4Evaluate
19 Eucalyptus microcorys Alveolata 51b, 0cLowe
20 Eucalyptus torquata Symphyomyrtus 5−1bLowe
21Eucalyptus intermedia (=Corymbia intermedia) Corymbia 51bEvaluate
22 Eucalyptus yarraensis Symphyomyrtus 51bEvaluate
23 Eucalyptus crebra Symphyomyrtus 6−1b, −1cEvaluate
24 Eucalyptus macarthurii Symphyomyrtus 6Evaluate
25Eucalyptus cinerea Symphyomyrtus 74bHigh
26 Eucalyptus paniculata Symphyomyrtus 711b, 6cHigh
27 Eucalyptus sideroxylon Symphyomyrtus 72bHigh
28Eucalyptus urophylla Symphyomyrtus 74bHigh
29Eucalyptus deglupta Symphyomyrtus 82bHigh
30 Eucalyptus saligna Symphyomyrtus 97bHigh
31Eucalyptus grandis Symphyomyrtus 1011b, 8dHigh
32Eucalyptus tereticornis Symphyomyrtus 105bHigh
33 Eucalyptus viminalis Symphyomyrtus 10High
34Eucalyptus robusta Symphyomyrtus 113b, −1cHigh
35Eucalyptus citriodora (=Corymbia citriodora) Corymbia 129b, 6cHigh
36Eucalyptus torelliana (=Corymbia torelliana) Corymbia 134bHigh
37Eucalyptus camaldulensis Symphyomyrtus 1812dHigh
38Eucalyptus globulus Symphyomyrtus 1810bHigh

aThe taxon number corresponds to the number on the bars in Figure 1.
b[23, 24]: Hawaii and Pacific.
c[25]: Tanzania.
d[26]: U.S.
eOutcome determined after use of the secondary screen [23].