Table 2: Comparative values of the changes occurred in the experimental catchment, in terms of planted area, water conservation area, area of forest roads, fertilizer consumption, average stand height, DBH and volume, at the age of 2 years, and projected average annual increment of wood at the end of the rotation period (7 years), also based on the parameters measured at the age of 2 years, pulp production and tons of pulp per hectare, between the former plantation and the new plantation design.

ParameterFormer plantationNew plantation

Planted area (ha)4945
Protected areas (ha)24.8429.98
Forest roads area (ha)54
Fertilizer consumption (ton·ha−1)370345
Average stand height at the age of 2 yr (m)11.9811.66
Average stand d.b.h. at the age of 2 yr (cm)9.718.97
Average stand volume (m3)48.0543.64
Average annual increment (m3·ha−1·year−1)39.7338.34
Pulp production (ton)3,3703,124
Tons of pulp per hectare67.570.8