Table 4: Categories of sustainability indicators that experience environmental or socioeconomic effects within the Eucalyptus-to-biofuel supply chain. Major effects for Eucalyptus and other fast-growing non-native crops are depicted by *, and additional effects exhibited by all feedstocks are depicted by +. A blank means there is no effect in that category.

Categories of indicators Environmental EffectsSocioeconomic Effects
Steps in biofuel supply chain Components of each biofuel supply chain step Soil quality Water quality and quantity Greenhouse gases Biodiversity Air quality Productivity Profitability Social well being External trade Energy security Resource conservation Social acceptability

Feedstock Production Resource Conditions******+++*
Feedstock Type*******++++*

Feedstock Logistics Harvesting & Collection+*++++*++

Conversion to Biofuel Conversion Process+++++++++
Fuel Type++++++

Biofuel Logistics Transport++++++

Biofuel End Uses Engine Type and Efficiency++++++++
Blend Conditions++++++++