Research Article

Effects of Different Pretreatments to the Seed on Seedling Emergence and Growth of Acacia polyacantha

Table 1

Summary of different presowing treatments methods effects on germination percentage, shoot height, root collar diameter, number of leaves, and survival percentage with standard errors in parenthesis of Acacia polyacantha at nursery stages.

Germination (%)Height (cm)Root collar diameter (mm)Number of leavesSurvival (%)

 T151.5 (1.48)c13.25 (0.53)b2.00 (0.02)b3.97 (0.06)b53.6 (1.41)c
 T276.2 (2.08)b15.04 (0.99)b2.25 (0.03)b4.32 (0.09)b78.8 (1.64)b
 T374.8 (1.96)b14.56 (0.97)b2.11 (0.01)b4.17 (0.07)b75.9 (1.55)b
 T4100.0 (0.00)a18.74 (1.01)a3.36 (0.02)a5.23 (0.05)a97.4 (1.86)a
 T542.4 (2.36)c12.93 (0.68)b1.99 (0.02)b3.95 (0.08)b44.3 (2.08)c

Note: means with different subscript within a column significantly differ ().
T1: immersion in cold water at room temperature for 24 hours, T2: immersion in hot water (100°C) for 5 minutes, T3: immersion in concentrated sulfuric acid (0.3 M H2SO4) for 20 minutes, T4: scarification by mechanically nicking using secateurs, and T5: control.