Table 3: Least square means and standard error of various response variables in susceptible and tolerant family.

VariablesTolerant family 
LS mean ± SE
Susceptible family 
LS mean ± SE

LL/HT0.44 ±0.02a0.61 ±0.02b
OL/HT0.50 ±0.03a0.68 ±0.03b
HTI (cm)22.37 ±1.19a16.70 ±1.20b
Bud-break2.22 ±0.17a1.81 ±0.17b
Ny (g)5.71 ±0.42a5.05 ±0.42b
Sy (g)5.00 ±0.22a3.61 ±0.22b
CRY (g)1.43 ±0.09a1.00 ±0.09b
FRY (g)1.22 ±0.10a0.92 ±0.10b

Note. SE: standard error, LL/Ht: lesion length/seedling height, OL/HT: occlusion length/seedling height, Ny: needle dry biomass, Sy: stem dry biomass, CRY: coarse root dry biomass, and FRY: fine root dry biomass. Different letters indicate Tukey pair-wise differences between two families within each variable at α = 0.05.