Table 6: Least square means and standard errors of number of various response variables in tolerant and susceptible family receiving various inoculations.

VariableInoculationTolerant familySusceptible family
No. of bud-break ± SENo. of bud-break ± SE

LL/HTG. huntii0.46 ±0.04c0.68 ±0.04c
L. terebrantis0.77 ±0.04b1.11 ±0.04a
Wound0.27 ±0.04c0.33 ±0.04c
Wound + media0.26 ±0.04c0.33 ±0.04c
OL/HTG. huntii0.56 ±0.03a0.77 ±0.03a
L. terebrantis0.96 ±0.04b1.35 ±0.03c
Wound0.24 ±0.03d0.29 ±0.04d
Wound + media0.25 ±0.03d0.32 ±0.04d
HTI (mm)G. huntii20.87 ±1.13a16.42 ±1.15b
L. terebrantis19.64 ±1.13a15.40 ±1.13b
No wound24.96 ±1.16c16.16 ±1.13b
Wound24.37 ±1.22c16.75 ±1.17b
Wound + media22.23 ±1.12ac18.85 ±1.13ab
BBG. huntii1.56 ±0.26c1.83 ±0.27bc
L. terebrantis1.67 ±0.28bc1.53 ±0.27bc
No wound3.20 ±0.28a2.16 ±0.28abc
Wound2.62 ±0.27ab1.57 ±0.27c
Wound + media2.10 ±0.26b1.93 ±0.26bc
Ny(g)G. huntii4.93 ±0.51cd5.30 ±0.51abcd
L. terebrantis4.52 ±0.50d4.75 ±0.50cd
No wound6.52 ±0.51a5.17 ±0.50ab
Wound6.43 ±0.51ab5.05 ±0.52abcd
Wound + media6.13 ±0.51abc4.99 ±0.51bcd

Note. SE: standard error, LL/HT: lesion length/seedling height, OL/HT: occlusion length/seedling height, HTI: height increase, BB: new bud-break, and Ny: needle dry biomass. Different letters indicate Tukey pair-wise differences between all watering treatment and inoculations within each variable at α = 0.05.