Table 8: Least square means and standard errors of various response variables of seedlings from two different families receiving three different watering treatments.

Variable FamilyNormal wateringModerate droughtSevere drought
Mean ± SE (cm)Mean ± SE (cm)Mean ± SE (cm)

HTITolerant23.99 ±2.07a24.09 ±2.07a19.01 ±2.07b
Susceptible17.16 ±2.08b17.24 ±2.07b15.7 ±2.06b
FRYTolerant1.57 ±0.17a1.15 ±0.16ab0.94 ±0.17ab
Susceptible1.01 ±0.17ab1.04 ±0.17ab0.71 ±0.17b
SyTolerant5.70 ±0.18a5.05 ±0.17a4.14 ±0.17ab
Susceptible3.92±0.18b3.79 ±0.17b2.97 ±0.17b

Note. SE: standard error, HTI: height increase, FRY: fine root dry biomass, and Sy: stem dry biomass. Different letters indicate Tukey pair-wise differences between all family and watering treatment conditions within each variable at α = 0.05.