International Journal of Genomics / 2009 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Classification of Nonenzymatic Homologues of Protein Kinases

Table 5

List of PKLNK analysed. Information on number of residues and the nearest protein kinase subfamily to which they belong to has also been provided. Abbreviations followed in the table are RGC, Receptor guanylate cyclase; CAMK1, Ca2+/Calmodulin dependent protein kinase 1; TSSK, Testis-specific serine/Threonine kinase; MLCK, Myosin light chain kinase; Eph, Ephrin receptor; EGFR, Epidermal growth factor receptor; JakA, Janus kinase A; MLK, Mixed lineage kinase; Slob, SLOw Border; NRBP, Nuclear receptor binding protein; TBCK, TBC domain-containing kinase; VRK, Vaccinia-related kinase; IRAK, IL1 receptor associated kinase; CDK, Cyclin dependent kinase; MAPK, Mitogen activated kinase; WNK, With no K (Lysine).

PKLNK gene accession codeNumber of residuesClosest subfamily of protein kinase

gi 40254426 ref NP_000897.2 1061RGC
gi 477540 pir A49183333RGC
gi 4580422 ref NP_003986.2 1047RGC
gi 20826487 ref XP_131378.1 477RGC
gi 16758694 ref NP_446290.1 1047RGC
gi 204270 gb AAA41202.1 1057RGC
gi 23093524 gb AAN11824.1 AE003537_31272RGC
gi 7294467 gb AAF49811.1 1172RGC
gi 7291217 gb AAF46649.1 1076RGC
gi 23171402 gb AAF55244.2 1417RGC
gi 4504217 ref NP_000171.1 1103RGC
gi 159110415 ref NP_032218.2 1108RGC
gi 13242283 ref NP_077356.1 1108RGC
gi 134152694 ref NP_001513.2 1108RGC
gi 28529710 ref XP_142224.2 1372RGC
gi 20349229 ref XP_111982.1 625RGC
gi 16758684 ref NP_446283.1 1108RGC
gi 18543337 ref NP_570093.1 1110RGC
gi 28380344 gb AAF53079.3 1163RGC
gi 18386335 gb AAB19934.2 1073RGC
gi 21707860 gb AAH34064.1 754RGC
gi 22760572 dbj BAC11248.1 501CAMK1
gi 22760645 dbj BAC11278.1 470CAMK1
gi 12052916 emb CAB66632.1 473CAMK1
gi 21704242 ref NP_663596.1 512CAMK1
gi 13027458 ref NP_076490.1 504CAMK1
gi 12839087 dbj BAB24429.1 292TSSK
gi 21626698 gb AAF47134.2 3197MLCK
gi 4758292 ref NP_004436.1 1006Eph
gi 21594381 gb AAH31924.1 1014Eph
gi 17368346 sp P83097 WSCK_DROME809Eph
gi 119534 sp P21860.1 ERBB3_HUMAN1342EGFR
gi 246412731177JakA
gi 133922607 ref NP_061263.2 1184JakA
gi 111607496 ref NP_666257.2 1153JakA
gi 149044565 gb EDL97824.1 1153JakA
gi 109476840 ref XP_001061647.1 1198JakA
gi 2288925 emb CAA04187.1 866JakA
gi 114326478 ref NP_001041642.1 1132JakA
gi 2499669 sp Q62689.1 JAK2_RAT1132JakA
gi 156630890 sp Q62137.2 JAK3_MOUSE1100JakA
gi 2499671 sp Q63272.1 JAK3_RAT1100JakA
gi 5052670 gb AAD38665.1 AF145690_1637NRBP
gi 14042287 dbj BAB55185.1 535NRBP
gi 21358011 ref NP_651655.1 835SCY1
gi 7301824 gb AAF56933.1 873SCY1
gi 14041796 dbj BAB55454.1 707SCY1
gi 115430241 ref NP_065731.3 808SCY1
gi 12963867 ref NP_076401.1 806SCY1
gi 15779207 gb AAH14662.1 688SCY1
gi 7243101 dbj BAA92598.1 796SCY1
gi 20829352 ref XP_129532.1 735SCY1
gi 113194917 gb AAF51744.3 2352WNK
gi 21627748 gb AAM68879.1 646Slob
gi 22945875 gb AAN10635.1 AE003618_7638Slob
gi 7020363 dbj BAA91097.1 649Slob
gi 20869393 ref XP_127567.1 582Slob
gi 45446806 gb AAF45995.2 819TBCK
gi 18676872 dbj BAB85045.1 893TBCK
gi 31982929 ref NP_057524.2 474VRK
gi 21703091 gb AAM74471.1 453VRK
gi 24667933 ref NP_525001.2 448MLK
gi 4758606 ref NP_004508.1 452MLK
gi 19173772 ref NP_596900.1 452MLK
gi 58530886 ref NP_001561.3 625IRAK
gi 6005792 ref NP_009130.1 596IRAK
gi 28804246 emb CAD29448.2 609IRAK
gi 12858445 dbj BAB31320.1 472Dicty4
gi 22749323 ref NP_689862.1 471Dicty4
gi 16306492 ref NP_203698.1 240CDK
gi 20895826 ref XP_139682.1 216MAPK
gi 17862032 gb AAL39493.1 346STE20
gi 13027388 ref NP_061041.2 418STE20
gi 17368698 sp Q9BXU1 STK31_HUMAN1019Unclassified protein kinase
gi 21357711 ref NP_647767.1 790Unclassified protein kinase
gi 34191428 gb AAH36504.2 700Unclassified protein kinase
gi 57997202 emb CAD38856.2 1491Unclassified protein kinase
gi 158635954 ref NP_113563.2 1450Unclassified protein kinase