Table 2: Phylogenetic clustering of Incs in C. trachomatis.

Ocular, genital, and LGVCT115, CT223, CT214, CT229, CT383, CT618, CT195

LGV specificCT036, CT058, CT101, CT116, CT117, CT118, CT119, CT134, CT135, CT147, CT164, CT192, CT196, CT228, CT232, CT233, CT249, CT288, CT300, CT324, CT345, CT357, CT358, CT365, CT383, CT442, CT449, CT484, CT578, CT642, CT728, CT788, CT789, CT813,CT846

Ocular specificCT224, CT225, CT226, CT383, CT846, CT850

No correlation with diseaseCT005, CT006, CT079, CT227, CT440, CT565

Serovar E specific cladesCT058, CT116, CT117, CT192, CT233, CT249, CT288, CT324, CT357, CT358, CT365, CT383, CT442, CT483, CT578, CT642, CT846, CT850