Figure 4: Domain homology of CPSF. Schematics of proteins are shown approximately to scale. The domains were identified by the NCBI conserved domain database or known published domains. CPSF1 contains domains involved in RNA binding: two RNP binding motifs, CPSF_A and beta-propeller domains. CPSF3 contains a YSH1 domain that contains the lactamase, beta-caspase, and RNA-metabolizing metallo-beta-lactamase (RRMBL) domains. CPSF73-100_C is the conserved C-terminal domain of CPSF3. CPSF2 contains the lactamase, beta-caspase, and RRMBL domains. CPSF4 contains a protein-protein interaction YTH1 domain that contains five zinc finger domains. FIP1L1 contains an acidic, conserved, proline-rich, RD repeats and arginine-rich domains involved in protein-protein interactions.