International Journal of Genomics / 2013 / Article / Fig 8

Research Article

Expression and Functional Analysis of Storage Protein 2 in the Silkworm, Bombyx mori

Figure 8

Detection of the antiapoptotic effect of SP2 by FCM. The flow cytometry profile represents Annexin V-FITC staining on -axis and PI on -axis. The number represents the percentage of early apoptotic cells in each condition (lower right quadrant). The cells in the upper right quadrant indicate Annexin-positive/PI-positive, late apoptotic cells. (a) Normal cell group; (b) STS treatment group; (c) STS + SP2 (1 μg/mL) treatment group; damaged (Annexin V/PI+), apoptotic (Annexin V+/PI), and vital (Annexin V/PI) cells are shown in the Q1, Q2/Q4, and Q3 regions, respectively.