Table 1: Examples of direct miRNA-mediated upregulation.

miRNATarget mRNAExpression regulationReferences

miR-360-3pTNFmiRNA recruits a modified microRNP with AGO2 and FXR1-iso-a and mediates translation activation. [82, 85, 86]
miR-206KLF4In G0 state cells and nontransformed cells, the interaction of GW182 and AGO2 is restricted and FXR1a alters the function of miRNP.[85]
xlmiR-16Myt1In immature Xenopus laevis oocytes dAGO inhibits the interaction of GW182 with miRNP which leads to a loss of repression.[100]
miR-122HCVmiRNA directly binds to two target sites in 5′UTR of HCV RNA and increases its association with 40S and polysomes formation.[107, 108]
miR-10aTOP RNAmiR-10a interacts with 5′UTR of ribosomal proteins and enhances their translation by alleviating their TOP-mediated translational repression during amino acid starvation.[120]
miR-346RIP140A target sequence for miRNA miR-346 was found in the 5′UTR of RIP140 mRNA. miR-346 elevates RIP140 protein levels by facilitating association of its mRNA with the polysomes fraction. [122]
miR-34a/b-5-ActinBeta-actin (Actb) gene generates two alternative transcripts terminated at tandem poly(A) sites. The longer transcript harbours a conserved mmu-miR-34a/34b-5p target site. miR-34 binding to Actb 3′-UTR upregulates target gene expression.[165]
miR-125bB-Ras2miRNA prevents TTP binding to the ARE sites of B-Ras2 and inhibits its degradation by AMD pathway.[130]
miR-328C/EBPmiRNA decoys away hnRNP E2, a repressive protein, and upregulates its expression in a seed sequence independent manner.[131]