Figure 2: Bayesian maximum clade credibility (MCC) phylogenetic tree of DENVs’ whole genomes. MCC trees were used to represent population dynamics over time of different genotypes of DENV-1 (a), DENV-2 (b), DENV-3 (c), and DENV-4 (d). The branch length is scaled in time enforcing strict (DENV-1 and DENV-4) and relaxed (DENV-2 and DENV-3) molecular clocks. The colors highlighted in the MCC trees represent different groups of countries and the horizontal blue bars represent phylogenetic uncertainty. DENV genotypes and lineages are indicated in each panel by roman numerals. One asterisk represents ≥86% and two ≥99% of posterior probability values. In (c) (DENV-3), the naming of Brazilian genotypes BR-I and BR-II as South America I (SA-I) and South America II (SA-II) is suggested to better represent the geographic locations of the isolates. Country abbreviations: ARG: Argentina; BRA: Brazil; BVI_Tortola = British Virgin Island, Tortola; COL: Colombia; DOM: Dominican Republic; IND: India; JAM: Jamaica; KHM: Cambodia; PRI: Puerto Rico; PRY: Paraguay; TTO: PER: Peru; PHL: Philippines; Trinidad and Tobago; USA: United States of America; VEN: Venezuela.