Figure 4: Route map of arboviruses assessed in the study. The colors and arrows highlight the entry routes of DENV, CHIKV, and ZIKV into mainland South America. On the bottom left, there is a summary of routes traced in the study. Abbreviations: ARG: Argentina; BRA: Brazil; BVI = British Virgin Island; CHI: CACIs: Central America and Caribbean islands; China; COL: Colombia; DOM: Dominican Republic; FSM: Federated States of Micronesia; HTI: Haiti; IND: India; KHM: Cambodia; MTQ: Martinique; PIs: Pacific Islands; PER: Peru; PHL: Philippines; PRI: Puerto Rico; PRY: Paraguay; PYF: French Polynesia; SA: South America; THA: Thailand; TTO: Trinidad and Tobago; VEN: Venezuela.