Research Article

Integrated Geophysical-Geological 3D Model of the Right-Bank Slope Downstream from the Rogun Dam Construction Site, Tajikistan

Figure 12

(a, b) Overview maps ((a) with Pleiades image; (b) with geological map) of 92 ambient vibrations measurements (for both studied sites); circles are colored according to the depth of the soft rock layer basis inferred from the H/V results and with a size proportional to the peak amplitude; see also double arrows indicating the main vibration orientation (polarization). (c) Geological cross-section (along red line in the maps in (a, b), Southern Tajik Geological Prospecting Expedition, 2012) with location of depth-logs (colored; see for scale the 100 m deep red log) of the soft rock layer basis, location of the Ionakhsh Fault (colored, as from geological map; the dashed black line as inferred from our results), and the borehole (light grey) on Site 1.