International Journal of Geophysics / 2019 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

A Review of the Advantages and Limitations of Geophysical Investigations in Landslide Studies

Table 1

Nomenclature of the newly proposed landslide classification version according to [4] based on the Varnes classification system. Words divided by / (slash symbol) have to be used alternatively. In italic movement types that usually reach extremely rapid velocities as defined by [2], while for the others, the velocity varies between extremely slow to very rapid (for details, refer to [4]).


FallRock/ice fallBoulder/debris/silt fall

ToppleRock block toppleGravel/sand/silt topple
Rock flexural topple

SlideRock rotational slideClay/silt rotational slide
Rock planar slideClay/silt planar slide
Rock wedge slideGravel/sand/debris slide
Rock compound slideClay/silt compound slide
Rock irregular slide

SpreadRock slope spreadSand/silt liquefaction spread
Sensitive clay spread

FlowRock/ice avalancheSand/silt/debris dry flow
Sand/silt/debris flowslide
Sensitive clay flowslide
Debris flow
Mud flow
Debris flood
Debris avalanche
Peat flow

Slope DeformationMountain slope deformationSoil slope deformation
Rock slope deformationSoil creep