International Journal of Hepatology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

A Multimodal Approach to the Management of Neuroendocrine Tumour Liver Metastases

Table 1

Summary of results for liver-directed therapy of neuroendocrine tumour liver metastases.

Modality author [Ref]InterventionNumber of
Overall survival (5  years)Median survivals (months)Progression/disease-free survivalClinical responseBiochemical responseRadiological

Liver surgery

 Sarmiento et al. [3]Resection17061%
 Touzios et al. [4] Resection ± ablation 1872%>96
 Grazi et al. [5]Resection1992% (4 yrs)
 Kianmanesh et al. [6]Resection2394%50% (5 yrs)
 Gomez et al. [7]Resection1886%66% (5 yrs)
 Scigliano et al. [8]Resection4179%3% (5 yrs)
 Osborne et al. [9]Cytoreduction61Curative-50 (mean)
Palliative-32 (mean)
 Musunuru et al. [10] Resection ± ablation 1383% (3 yrs)
 Mayo et al. [11] Resection ± ablation33974%125

Liver transplantation

 Lehnert [12]10347%
 Olausson et al. [13]1590%20% (5 years)
 Le Treut et al. [14]8547%


 Ho et al. [15]TAE or TACE464218 months
 Ruutiainen et al. [16]TACE5750%35% (3 yrs)
 Strosberg et al. [17]TAE8436
 Dong and Carr [18]TACE12336%39 (mean)
 Ruszniewski et al. [19]TACE2473%57%33%
 Gupta et al. [20]TAE or TACE69 (Carcinoid)22 months67%
54 (Pancreatic)16 months35%


 Mazzaglia et al. [21]6346 (after  RFA)70%


 King et al. [22]3729 (mean)55%43%50%
 Kennedy et al. [23]1487063%
 Cao et al. [24]5847% (3 yrs)3634%
 Saxena et al. [25]483555%