International Journal of Hepatology / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

A Multimodal Approach to the Management of Neuroendocrine Tumour Liver Metastases

Table 2

Summary of results for systemic therapy of neuroendocrine tumour liver metastases.

Modality author [Ref]InterventionNumber of
Overall survival (5  years)Median survivals (months)Progression/disease-free survivalClinical responseBiochemical responseRadiological

Biological Therapy

 Ducreux et al. [26]Lantreotide465%
 Aparicio et al. [27]Octreotide3511 months3% (57%  stabilised)
 Rinke et al. [28]Octreotide LAR8514.3 months67% stabilised
 Oberg and Eriksson [29]IFN α111>8034 months68%42%15% (39%  stabilised)
 Arnold et al. [30] Octreotid FN α10932 versus 54 (combined)1.9% (27%  stabilised)
 Fjällskog et al. [31] Somatostati FN α1662.5%19%


 Moertel et al. [32]ST oxorubicin362620 months69%
ST FU33186.9 months45%
 Turner et al. [33]5F isplati TZ7931.59.1 months33%
 Sun et al. [34]ST oxorubicin8515.74.5 months15.9%
ST FU7824.35.3 months16%
 Kouvaraki et al. [35]5F oxorubici TZ6174% (2 yrs)41% (2  years)
 Strosberg et al. [36]Temolozomid apecitabine3092% (2 yrs)18 months70%
 Moertel et al. [37]Etoposid isplatin18198 months67%

Molecular-targeted therapy

 Raymond et al. [38]Sunitinib17111.4 months9.3%
 Yao et al. [39]Everolimus41034% (1.5 yrs)11 months
 Yao et al. [40]Bevacizumab4495% (18  weeks)


 Cwikla et al. [41] DOTATATE Y-90602217 months72%23%
 Kwekkeboom et al. [42]177Lu-octreotate131>36 months28%
 Pfeifer et al. [43]Y-DOTATOC or 177Lu-DOTATOC6929 months23.6%
 Kwekkeboom et al. [44]177Lu-DOTA 0,Tyr33104640 months30%