Table 4: Stepwise multiple linear regression analysis of independent predictors of serum cytokeratin-18 levels in 209 subjects with NAFLD.

S.E. 95.0% C.I. for

BMI (kg/m2) 2.1450.7100.0030.7433.546
Adiponectin (ng/mL)−2.1210.8920.005−4.282−0.760
sNOX2-dp (pg/mL) 0.5230.2350.0270.0590.986

Variables entered in step 1: age, BMI, HOMA-IR, serum triglycerides, ALT and adiponectin, urinary 8-iso-PGF2α, sNOX2-dp, Hamaguchi score, and spleen diameter.