Table 2: Time domain and frequency domain indices of HRV in the study population.

ControlsNAFLD without diabetesNAFLD with diabetes value

Time domain indices
SDNN (ms)40.730.20.006
SDSD (ms)
pNN50 (%)
Frequency domain indices
LF nu40.241.937.80.855
HF nu29.226.819.70.575
LF : HF ratio1.
Total power (ms2)1166.5658.40.005

Values are expressed as median (IQR); versus control; versus NAFLD without diabetes.
SDNN: standard deviation of all NN intervals; SDSD: standard deviation of differences between adjacent NN intervals; pNN50%: NN50 count divided by the total number of all NN intervals; LF: low frequency (0.04–0.15 Hz); HF: high frequency (0.15–0.40 Hz); nu: normalized unit.