Figure 1: (a) Coronal-oblique MIP image demonstrating multiple collaterals in the esophagus (arrowheads) as well as paraesophageal region (arrow). Asterisk denotes the gastroesophageal junction; (b) coronal-oblique maximum-intensity-projection (MIP) CECT image showing a dilated left gastric vein (arrow) which is serving as an afferent for multiple paraesophageal collaterals (arrowheads); (c) axial MIP image showing multiple gastric fundal collaterals (arrows) being drained by a tortuous gastrorenal shunt (arrowheads) into the left renal vein (not shown). Asterisk denotes the gastric lumen. This corresponds to IGV-1 in Sarin classification of gastric varices; (d) coronal MIP image showing multiple esophageal collaterals (arrowheads) continuing along the cardia to form collaterals in the lesser curvature of stomach. This corresponds to GOV-1 in Sarin classification of gastric varices.