Table 4

List of CV outcomes, detected on retrospective case notes review.

Non-fatal ST segment elevated MI (ESC/ACC 2000)
Non-fatal non-ST segment elevated MI (ACC/AHA2007)
Non-fatal acute coronary syndrome
New diagnosis of angina pectoris (typical history and positive treadmill cardiac test)
Fatal ST segment elevated MI (ESC/ACC 2000)
Fatal non-ST segment elevated MI
Fatal acute coronary syndrome
Sudden cardiac death (ACC/AHA 2006)
Cardiac arrhythmias (resting or ambulatory ECG documented evidence of any supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias)
Acute left ventricular failure (typical clinical history backed by chest X-ray finding)
Fatal or non-fatal cerebrovascular event (typical clinical history and CT/MRI findings)
Renal failure (CKD stage 3 or above, developing during the followup period, according to K/DOQI 2002)
Peripheral vascular disease, typical symptoms supported by bilateral lower limb arterial Doppler
Fatal or non-fatal abdominal aortic aneurysm ≥ 4 cm on abdominal ultrasound done in the followup period