Research Article

Differential Mechanisms of Ang (1-7)-Mediated Vasodepressor Effect in Adult and Aged Candesartan-Treated Rats

Figure 1

Effect of the Ang (1-7) (15 pmol/kg/min; 4-hour infusion depicted by full line), antagonist, candesartan (0.01 mg/kg bolus IV; depicted by an arrow), saline (0.1 mL/kg 0.9% NaCl IV for 4 hours), and Ang (1-7) + candesartan on MAP in (a) adult WKY rats ( ) and (b) aged WKY rats ( ). Values represent mean ± SEM. *** , for treatment effect of Ang (1-7) + candesartan versus all other treatments (2-way RM ANOVA).