Table 4: Action plans for prevention/control of diabetes and hypertension in different health care settings.

DetectionDiabetes educationEquipmentMedicines

Primary careLarge scale screening using high risk category approach Through community workers—training of community workers in screening activities Basic equipment like Glucometer, BP apparatus Essential low cost generic drugs to be made available at all PHCs

Secondary careConfirmation of diagnosis Screening for complications of diabetes and co-morbid conditions(i) Physicians
(ii) Paramedicals
Basic laboratory support
Insulin, oral hypoglycemic drugs, ACE inhibitors, calcium antagonists, ARBs, statins, aspirin, and other antihypertensive drugs

Tertiary careTreatment of complications (i) Diabetologists
(ii) Ophthalmologists
(iii) Nephrologists
(iv) Cardiologists
Advanced equipment
(i) Laser photocoagulation
(ii) Fundus camera
(iii) Cardiac care
(iv) Dialysis unit
(v) Transplantation
All of above and costlier drugs or treatments