International Journal of Hypertension / 2013 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Antioxidant Treatment Reverts Increased Arterial Basal Tone and Oxidative Stress in Nephrectomized (5/6) Hypertensive Rats

Figure 1

Effect of SNP 10−5 M on basal tone. (a) Tracing of a typical experiment of administration of SNP (arrows) on basal tone in unrubbed aortic ring from SR (upper), NefR, (middle) and NefR-T (lower). (b) Average of effect of SNP on basal tone in unrubbed (white bars) and rubbed (black bars) aortic rings from SR, NefR, and NefR-T. *** NefR versus SR; * NefR-T versus SR. Two way ANOVA. Data are expressed as mean ± standard error. The number of rings is given in parentheses.