International Journal of Hypertension / 2015 / Article / Fig 3

Research Article

CYP17A1 and Blood Pressure Reactivity to Stress in Adolescence

Figure 3

CYP17A1 locus and SBP in response to physical and mental challenges and at rest. Individual points indicate −log10 ( values) for associations of SNPs within the CYP17A1 locus and studied SBP phenotypes. Plots on the left and right show the results in males and females, respectively. Data were adjusted for age, height, and, when appropriate (SBP reactivity to standing and mental stress), initial SBP. The SNP, rs10786718, demonstrating the strongest association with SBP reactivity to math stress in males is indicated in purple and is the index SNP in all plots. The correlation () between this index SNP, rs10786718, and each of the other tested SNPs in the region is shown in red (1 ≥ ≥ 0.8), orange (0.8 > ≥ 0.6), green (0.6 > ≥ 0.4), light blue (0.4 > ≥ 0.2), or dark blue (0.2 > ≥ 0) colors. Gene positions are indicated at the bottom. The LD was calculated based on the 1,000 Genomes Project (EUR reference panel, March 2012 version); the chromosome positions are based on human genome hg19.