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Arterial Hypertension and Interleukins: Potential Therapeutic Target or Future Diagnostic Marker?

Table 1

Cytokines, cytokine receptors, and their vascular impact. HTA-arterial hypertension, ATS-atherosclerosis, ST-stroke, IM-myocardium infarction, CHD-coronary heart disease, AF-atrial fibrillation, CH-cardiac hypertrophy, LVD-left ventricule dilatation, HTP-pulmonary hypertension, UA-unstable angina, CHF-chronic heart failure.

InterleukineReceptorCell sourceCell TargetCardiovascular Impact

IL-1α,βType I IL-1r, Type II IL-1rMonocytes/macrophage, fibroblast, endothelial cells, B cells, epithelial cells including thymic epithelium.All cellsHTA [52, 58], ATS [53, 54, 60], IL-1β polymorphism and HTA [6164, 66, 67], ST [73]
IL-4IL-4 α, common γMast cells, T cells, basophils.Endothelial cells, T cells, B cells fibroblast, NK-cells, monocytes, macrophagesAnti-inflammatory action on T cells [161]
IL-6IL-6r, gp130fibroblast, endothelial, Monocytes/macrophages, most epithelial cells including thymic epithelium.Hepatocytes, macrophages, monocytes, T cells, B cells, epithelial cellsHTA [40, 82, 85, 88], ATS [106], IM [30], CHD [112, 113, 125], AF [126], CH [90], LVD [91], HTP [103, 105, 106], ST [119, 120]
IL-10IL-10rT cells, B cells, monocytes macrophages, keratinocytes, mast cellsT cells, B cells, NK cells, mast cells, monocytes macrophagesAnti-inflammatory action on T cells [120, 156, 157]
IL-17IL-17rCD4+ T cellsEndothelium, epithelium, fibroblast, macrophagesHTA [11], ATS [12, 131], IM and UA [135], CHF [137]
IL-23IL-12Rb1/IL23RMacrophages, other cell typesT cellsATS [12, 131]

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