Table 6: Association of CF-PWV with BPVs and PP in male and females, by multivariable-adjusted linear regression analysis.

Male (n=329)Female (n=394)

24h SBP SD0.0250.3710.1450.0410.3790.008
24h DBP SD0.0130.3670.6330.0670.3790.015
N SBP SD0.0050.3620.7960.0230.3760.206
N DBP SD0.0010.3640.6220.0300.3780.121
24h PP0.0130.3640.4700.0610.3980.001
D PP0.0040.3630.7900.0520.3910.001
N PP0.0180.3640.2400.0600.4120.001

indicated p<0.05; indicated p<0.001.
Adjusted for age, HR, BMI family-history, smoke, SBP, DBP, CAD, PAD, diabetes, UA, FPG, TG, TC, LDL, HDL, HCY, Hs-CRP, hypolipidemic drug, hypoglycemic drug, and nitrate drug.