Table 5: Comparative studies of IVD for bacterial endophthalmitis.

Clinical settingCulture resultsInflammation VA outcomes  Time
nStaph epi.Strep/EnterococcusGram-negative

Das et al. [5]Postcataract and trauma
 IVD29n/an/an/a2.6 score86% success3 months
 No IVD34 3.2 score171% success
Shah et al. [8]Postcataract
 IVD2631%12%0n/a20/70 median6 months
 No IVD3135%13%3%    20/50 median2
Gan et al. [6]Postcataract
 IVD1639%8%0n/a85% 20/200 or better3 months
 No IVD1350%6%0 50% 20/200 or better3
Hall et al. [7]Postcataract
 IVD2646%23%00.3 cell/flare20/40 medianlast followup
 No IVD3837%5%00.3 cell/flare20/50 median
Jacobs et al.Bleb-associated
 IVD7010%36%17%n/a7/200 mean3 months
 No IVD1315%15%15%   3/200 mean4

1Relative change in inflammation showed statistical significance at 1 and 4 weeks, not at 3 months. 2 3 . 4Relative logMARΔ showed statistical significance at 1 month, not at 3 months.