Review Article

Prosthetic Joint Infection due to Mycobacterium bovis after Intravesical Instillation of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)

Table 1

Case reports of M. bovis prosthetic joint infections after intravesical BCG instillation in patients with bladder cancer.

Case reportAge/sexOrthopedic procedureBladder cancer (months PTP)BCG strain and duration of bladder cancer treatmentClinical presentationCultures/drug susceptibilitiesTreatment/condition

Our patient82, maleRight THR20Tice BCG, 6 weeksRight hip painM. bovis; sensitive to INH, RIF, ETM. Resistant to PZA1-Stage THR, INH/RIF × 1 year. Alive and free of symptoms at 1 year

Reigstad and Siewers (2008) [10]86, maleLeft THR10Oncotice BCG, 9 weeksAseptic loosening of hardwareM. bovis; sensitive to INH, RIF, PZA1-stage THA revision, INH, RIF, PZA × 6 months, INH/RIF × 6 months, and INH × 1 year of consolidation

Segal and Krauss (2007) [11]76, maleLeft THR48Multiple treatments. Strain NRGroin painM. bovis; susceptibilities unknownINH/RIF/ETM × 1 year. 2-stage arthroplasty. Alive and free of symptoms.

Guerra et al. (1998) [12]66, maleRight THR12Tice BCG, 12 weeks, radical cystectomyHip pain, rigors and sweatsM. bovis; susceptibilities unknownINH/RIF × 6 months and 2-stage arthroplasty. Patient died due to his underlying condition.*

Chazerain et al. (1993) [9]77, maleLeft TKR2.5Pasteur BCGAcute arthritisM. bovis; susceptibilities unknown2 antituberculous drugs (NR) × 2 years and 2-stage arthroplasty. Alive and free of symptoms.

Abbreviations: prior to presentation (PTP), total hip replacement (THR), total knee replacement (TKR), not reported (NR), isoniazid (INH), rifampin (RIF), and ethambutol (ETM).
*Death due to lung cancer.