Table 3: Concentration of major chemical compounds in fermented musts obtained with fifteen autochthonous S. cerevisiae and one commercial starter (CM).

IDEthanol (%v/v)Sugars
Total acidity (g/L)Volatile acidity (g/L)pHMalic acid (g/L)Lactic acid (g/L)Tartaric acid (g/L)Glycerol
Polyphenols (mg/L)

S5 n.d.
S6 n.d.
S8 n.d.
S9 n.d.
S12 n.d.
S16 n.d.
S21 n.d.
S39 n.d.
S40 n.d.
S41 n.d.
S71 n.d.
CM n.d.

Values are the mean of two injections of each replicate ( ); the standard deviation values (±) are indicated. Different letters indicate means that differ significantly ( ). n.d.: not detectable.